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Every home and business space is a story of its own, with its unique challenges and requirements. We understand how important it is for windows to match the specifics of your space. That's why we provide solutions that meet every need.

PVC stolarija vasovic

Affordable price and unparalleled insulation properties, as the most important advantages, make PVC joinery the most sought-after and prevalent form of joinery in modern construction. If the main challenge is thermal insulation, then PVC joinery is by far the most efficient solution.

The best insulation properties are what PVC joinery is known for. However, this type of joinery has some other important advantages compared to other types of joinery:

Good sound insulation
Affordable and easy maintenance

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PVC windows and doors have long been known for their strength and excellent insulation properties, but aluminum has been the preferred choice when it comes to aesthetics. However, that changed when Deceuninck introduced the Elegant series of windows. PVC window profiles have never been so modern and minimalist.

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The window suitable for passive houses

GEALAN-FUTURA is a combination of profiles in the S 9000 system. It provides the possibility with standard profiles and 2 mm steel to construct window elements in colors suitable for passive houses according to ift guidelines WA-15/2. Tested Uf value of 0.89 W/(m²K) confirms excellent thermal insulation.


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