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There are different types of insect screens, including:

There are several types, or kinds, of insect screens. In terms of functionality, they can be: fixed, roller (horizontal), or pleated. In terms of installation, they can be mounted independently or as part of a roller shutter. Regarding the roller shutter, they can be installed behind the roller shutter or between the roller shutter and the window.

Pleated insect screens

The pleated mesh of the insect screen folds into a compact package and opens like an accordion, making the pleated insect screen a practical and simple (it doesn't take up additional space) system for opening and closing. The pleated mesh is made of high-quality material, has high air and light permeability, is non-flammable, does not damage with daily use, does not fade, is permanently resistant to UV rays, weather conditions, and corrosion. It is very easy to maintain with water and has an extremely long lifespan.

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Roller insect screen

A roller insect screen is a roller blind with a mesh for protection against mosquitoes and other insects. The roller insect screen consists of a horizontal cylinder in which the mesh is wound, which can be easily pulled and rolled up towards the top or bottom, depending on whether you want to lower or raise the insect screen. It is most commonly used on medium-sized windows and doors to prevent insects from entering the interior of the room while allowing unrestricted airflow.


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