Aluminum vs PVC Joinery - Advantages and Disadvantages

For decades, aluminum and PVC joinery have been the dominant solutions in new construction and modern architecture. The same applies when it comes to replacing deteriorated wooden joinery..

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Prefab houses - advantages

Prefab houses here represent houses made of wooden construction, where the house elements are manufactured in the factory according to a predefined project, and then the finished parts of the walls, ceilings, and roof structure are assembled on-site into a whole in a short period.

What are energy-efficient homes

Energy efficiency and the importance of energy savings have been frequently mentioned in recent years, but what does that actually mean in the case of a house? What are energy-efficient houses, what types of energy-efficient houses exist, and to what extent do such houses contribute to savings in your household budget during their operation

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When is the time to replace the joinery?

Windows and doors represent one of the key factors in the proper functioning of our home as a whole, which is ecologically friendly, energy-sustainable, healthy, comfortable, and safe. As no material is eternal, joinery also has its lifespan.


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